ULTIMATE01: A celebration of Doom( 2)'s Birthday!

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ULTIMATE01: A celebration of Doom( 2)'s Birthday!

Postby kinker31 » Sat Oct 10, 2020 3:02 am


ULTIMATE01: "Yeah, I know Doom's birthday is about exactly 2 months away, but I just wanted a freakin' deadline for this thing!"

After a lot of time spent building, populating, testing, hair pulling, curling up in a corner and crying, and god knows what else, I'm finally proud to present to you a gift for Doom 2's birthday: Another mashup, but this time, it's all* the first mainline levels of Doom! (*The Earth Base and Attack were unable to be properly weaved into the map, and thus will be left out) Not only is Hangar, Demios Anomaly, Hell Keep, Hell Beneath, Baphomet's Demesne, Entryway, System Control, and Congo included in this one-map package, their most recognizable landmarks are all weaved into a tough-as-nails level!

Oh, and I made sure to implement the ITYTD/HNTR, HMP, UV/NM, and UV-Solonet difficulties too, ITYTD/HNTR being what you'd expect from your usual first level of Doom, HMP being your average mid-late Doom level, UV being something you'd expect in Plutonia, and UV-Solonet being something you'd expect in Plutonia 2! (Don't actually play solonet mode, though, unless you like the feeling of suicidal masochism) You have no idea how much time was spent playtesting all of this!

And the best part: This is a vanilla level, so this works in just about any source port you want to use! (You might have to do some -merge trickery to get it to work in Chocolate/Vanilla, though) Try it with whatever gameplay mod you'd like!

...oh yeah, the download link. Do something funny related to not clicking the link to click the link to download the mod here:

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Re: ULTIMATE01: A celebration of Doom( 2)'s Birthday!

Postby gerolf » Mon Oct 12, 2020 12:30 am

Nice vanilla level with homages to Doom's levels. I enjoyed the mix quite a bit, and it was fairly challenging on UV.
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Re: ULTIMATE01: A celebration of Doom( 2)'s Birthday!

Postby Camper125Lv » Wed Oct 14, 2020 3:38 pm

Played through it and imo, on UV there is not enough ammo and it feels way too cramped.
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