ANOMALY [9-level wad for GZdoom] (Release)

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ANOMALY [9-level wad for GZdoom] (Release)

Postby TheLoneAlpha » Wed Oct 07, 2020 1:59 pm

OK, I posted this on Doomworld back in July, I can't believe I forgot to post it here as well.

After over a year in the making, ANOMALY is finally here!

ANOMALY is a 9 level episode for Doom 2. Requires GZdoom 4.2.0 or newer. Jumping and freelook are required, crouching is not allowed.

NOTICE: HMP is the normal difficulty, do not play on UV unless you want a challenge.

Designed for continuous play, not pistol start.

Tips and tricks:


McKeen Township, your home:

In the industrial sector:

The edge of the ANOMALY, where two realities blend:

These labs hold a sinister secret:

Going into parts unknown:

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Re: ANOMALY [9-level wad for GZdoom] (Release)

Postby rodster » Sun Oct 25, 2020 5:04 pm

I played through this with the new (?) Beautiful Doom mod. It was a blast, almost played through it in one setting if I hadn't go to get some sleep lol. Very good wad, very well done! Thank you!

For anyone who is going to play it with Beautiful Doom mod, you need to deactivate Beautiful Doom decorations to not get confused/stuck on the hellish maps (map07 and map08).
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