DOOM2: Freekill2 Level pack

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DOOM2: Freekill2 Level pack

Postby Fryuko » Sun Sep 20, 2020 1:55 am

Freekill 2 is the spiritual successor of my first ever wad and I started working on it almost right after finishing the previous one. Making this wad took around 4-5 years (with huge breaks) to finish. This means some of the levels are really old and others quite recent. Later I went back and patched up the older maps, but I still feel that most of them are heavily dated. Also deleted a few terrible maps. As a result, I ended up with 11 Levels. I completely gave up working on this wad in favor of my Heretic episode. So this is why I decided to release it. The quality doesn't reach my current stuff, that's why I hesitated to release it for a while now.

- A few new enemies
- 11 levels
- some slaughterish parts
- 3D floors used here and there


Short video

You'll need GZDOOM to play it, a friend of mine managed to play it with zandronum as well. You might be able to run it with other source ports, but I built and tested it with this one.
I might have to update and fix stuff after feedback.


-Id Software
- Simon Judd - for Slade 3
- Pascal vd Heiden for Doom Builder
- Realm667 for most of the stock assets in the wad
- The authors of cc-4 tex
- Raven MIDI pack
- Other music sources are credited in the info file
- If I forgot to credit anyone please let me know and I'll fix that

- Fixed some game-breaking bugs
- added a makeshift menu background referencing the first installment of this wad
- added more ammo on map08
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