[GZ/ZDoom] Distant Outpost

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[GZ/ZDoom] Distant Outpost

Postby DimaLink » Wed Aug 19, 2020 12:12 pm

Distant Outpost

Tested in port: ZDoom
Recommended to play in: ZDoom/GZDoom
IWAD used: Doom2
Map Start with: MAP01

ZMapInfo: It contains ZMapInfo file. Which contains unique music,intermission screens, ending screen,level names.
Version: 6 levels from 23 February 2020 (Version 1.01)

Wad for videogame Doom2. It is made in DoomBuilder 2,SLADE3. Recommended for launch in Gz/ZDoom.

You explore distant outpost. Demons are inside this outpost.
Main theme of levels is base. There are some outdoors environment also.

Bases are different. For example, bases have a different level of lighting. There are places in full darkness.

There are places with good light, like it is a day. By design they are also different – computer bases, industrial, some abstract labyrinth in style of base. Many people likes Doom, and wish to create their own levels. I am one of them. A long of time I have an idea to create some levels.

Pack of levels must be rather casual.
Textures are all from original game. Everything is well known.

Theme of distant outpost is good for Doom. Also, it is good for action idea, fighting with monsters.
You are marine with shotgun (or another weapon) against hell creatures, another enemies. It is good to shoot and walk some labyrinth.

More Screenshots under spoiler

More info:
More screenshots on my website: http://www.dimalink.tv-games.ru/mods/distantoutpost/screenshots_eng.html
Some simple fanart for my Wad on my website: http://www.dimalink.tv-games.ru/mods/distantoutpost/art_eng.html

Download links:
On My Website: http://www.dimalink.tv-games.ru/mods/distantoutpost/index_eng.html
On ModDb: https://www.moddb.com/games/doom-ii/addons/distantoutpost
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Re: [GZ/ZDoom] Distant Outpost

Postby Dr_Cosmobyte » Fri Aug 21, 2020 6:22 pm

Looks good, i like lonely tech bases. =)
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Re: [GZ/ZDoom] Distant Outpost

Postby DimaLink » Thu Aug 27, 2020 7:15 am

Thats cool! Thansk for attention)))

Actualy there is some points.
1) It is not hard. It has challenges in SOME points.
2) First levels are more about atmosphere.
3) Than goes more SHOOTING levels.
4) It is corridor style. With not a lot ways.
5) I make it in idea to build somekind LONE BASE ATMOSPHERE, and some SHOOTING. So levels are some about atmosphere. SOme about to shoot a while.

Some VETERANS sad the dont like. Because too small ways to go. All is linear.

But i had some my own artistic art doom fan expression points to make it as it is. I think it is good levels for somebody who dont need a big labyrynth. But want some atmosphere sometimes, and sometimes to shoot. Good for casual players. Like i am for myself. I like to play Doom, but dont like too dificult hardcore maps.
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