(v0.1) Emerald Coast, Coop-focus WAD

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(v0.1) Emerald Coast, Coop-focus WAD

Postby Fourmiant » Sun May 24, 2020 8:28 pm


I am Fourmiant, also known as NerdyMonk316, and I have been playing modded Doom for several years now, with some friends and collegues. While playing, I was inspired by all the great work people have put on those projects to start my own.

This is my first experience with Doom Builder. It is a WAD most enjoyed in Coop, but can be played and completed solo. This first release contains 5 completed maps (last one acts like a boss level), following a theme.

A secret base called Emerald Coast has gone silent, and a team of Marine has been dispatched. Little do they know that unholy experiments were being done and our heroes will not expect what's waiting for them. Rip and Tear.

MAP01 - The Silent Base

MAP02 - Storage Wars

MAP03 - Cable Spaghetti

MAP04 - Obligatory Sewer Level

MAP05 - Electric Room

This WAD is essentially a Doom 2 level pack using the UDMF ZDoom and ACS Scripts, but also contains a few added images and midi. It was tested on zdoom 2.8.1, lzdoom 3.82, zandronum 3 and the latest gzdoom, but it could work on other versions and engines. Here under is a link to the WAD itself.
Emerald Coast v0.1

I intend to continue this WAD and add more maps, every few months, but as of now, I do not have an official date when it will be completed.
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