And old deathmatch map for Doom

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And old deathmatch map for Doom

Postby Hermitifier » Mon May 11, 2020 5:54 am

Hi all,
This is a deathmatch map I made for Doom some 17 years ago and never released until now, it doesn't even have a title.
It replaces E2M3, so that you fight to intermission music. I built it on Pentium 133 running DOS. It worked in original Ultimate Doom, and still works in GZDoom.
Map is rather flat without much verticality, just a few rooms connected together, maybe one story height in difference.
Plasma rifle room was supposed to be a cage trap, if you're too slow or other player from overseeing room locks you in, you can't leave on your own and have to wait to be released.
BFG was supposed to be reachable by rocket jump, but if normal jumping is allowed, that works too, and much easier. Two dark green rooms connected by teleporters have locked soulsphere and corresponding switch. There is an exit, but unreachable for one player alone.
There are few misaligned textures here and there, but I don't think I'll be fixing that.
I'm crossposting this to doomworld forum as well.

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