Doom Stranding [ Death Stranding Joke Map ]

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Doom Stranding [ Death Stranding Joke Map ]

Postby Decaxzoo » Tue May 05, 2020 8:20 pm

Death Stranding Joke Wad a big open map with low enemy count The Main Goal is to Get the 3 Keys at each corner of the Map and go back to your bedroom
WIP version Released, while the map is 100% completable there are still some areas that need detail.

( you have my permission to modify / upload this map in any way you want just give credit)

this is my first map that i uploaded so take this with a grain of salt but i am open for suggestions and criticism

i tested this using gzdoom on delta touch and lzdoom on pc so I've got no support for other ports

The Main Goal is to Get the 3 Keys at each corner of the Map and go back to your bedroom

(V1) Features:
•Large open map that almost takes up the max build size for Doom Builder
•Underground Bunker Spawn
•A Beach Area
•A Destroyed City
•A Mountain Range
•A dark Snowy Area
•High Ceiling to achieve maximum Rocket Jump Height
•8 player starts and some multiplayer only pickups (Mainly Rocket Launchers)

Current Issues i want to fix in the next update:
• a small invisible sector leading to the 2nd snowy outpost but the red key is in the first one so there shouldn't be any problem
• 2nd snowy outpost at the top Right of the map is inaccessible is there's nothing in there, might put some next update
• most of the map leading to the landmarks are still too flat and empty to be a death stranding simulator
• Not Enough Pickups
• The Mountain Area is still kinda empty
• Since the map is open with no doors you can alert most of the demons in the map with a single shot from spawn

i seriously couldn't test most the map and I can't even view it properly in doombuilder's view mode because of the size so expect some bugs
if you find anything bugged please notify me
and again if you want to modify the map and upload it you have my full permission to do whatever you want just give credit


WIP Release
[ ... randing-v1 ]
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Re: Doom Stranding [ Death Stranding Joke Map ]

Postby sgrwtr » Thu May 07, 2020 11:20 am

Haha. I like the idea. Listened to a bit of the soundtrack while playing this. In an abstract way some of the atmosphere of the original was able to make it through even in doom, the bareness of it all. Getting over the river is a bit that really captured it to me. Exploring big open spaces while moving around as quick as doom lets you is fun in its own way, I enjoy looking for secrets. Might take you up on the offer to edit a few things just for fun.
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