Chain Reaction - A barrels-themed Doom II map

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Chain Reaction - A barrels-themed Doom II map

Postby Horus » Thu Apr 23, 2020 10:59 pm

Hey everyone, it's my first time posting here on this forum! This isn't my first map but nonetheless thought I'd share it here since I very recently finished it up.

Chain Reaction is a barrels-themed single player WAD for Doom II (Map 01), combining them with other Doom features such as crushers, scrollers and combat scenarios. The map is roughly of medium length (takes me 8 minutes as the map creator, so would guess about 10-20 minutes for the new player). Textures are all stock Doom II.

Any kind of feedback is very much welcomed! :D

Map download:


- Source ports: All of GZDoom, LZDoom, ZDoom all work with this map
- Settings: No jump, no crouch (freelook is down to player preference)
- Difficulties: HNTR, HMP and UV are all implemented. Lower difficulties have more health/armor, fewer monsters and more favourable barrel placement (e.g. there is a barrel crusher maze for which timing is less tight on lower difficulties)
- MIDI: Everything Explodes by Jimmy (a MIDI that conveniently ties perfectly to the map :P)

Screenshot links:
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Re: Chain Reaction - A barrels-themed Doom II map

Postby DavidN » Sun May 17, 2020 6:52 pm

I love how unique this map is - it's a great idea, although I definitely had difficulty with... most of it :) I assumed that it would be the same on all difficulties, but it's great that you took difficulty levels into account.

This playthrough is on UV, and sorry for the silences occasionally - there were a couple of times where I thought I'd just be throwing the whole video out due to my uselessness at it. But with just a couple of cheats, I persevered ;)

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