Attack of the Killer Flying Tomatoes and Potatoes

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Attack of the Killer Flying Tomatoes and Potatoes

Postby NiTROACTiVE » Thu Apr 23, 2020 10:58 am

This is a new joke WAD I made based on the idea on how Cacodemons are "flying tomatoes" and how Pain Elementals are "flying potatoes". The popular Doom YouTuber BigMacDavis made me think of this idea as well, and I would usually call the latter enemy a different name. This also has a character named Bob, who is a tomato and potato farmer that lost his tomato and potato crops. It's up to you to save his farm from those one-eyes monsters! I heard BigMacDavis call some Pain Elementals "potatoes" starting after 2:12 in this video of his. He also calls some Cacodemons "tomatoes" in this video as well, and I do wonder if that was also the inspiration for calling Cacodemons "flying tomatoes" in the game.

Go here to get the joke WAD: ... k.wad/file
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Re: Attack of the Killer Flying Tomatoes and Potatoes

Postby grouchbag » Fri Apr 24, 2020 2:31 am

Gotta tell you thanks for the lol this morning. Downloaded it and will play it later today. :D Any chance there might be killer carrots or pissed off peas? Stay safe!
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Re: Attack of the Killer Flying Tomatoes and Potatoes

Postby Enjay » Fri Apr 24, 2020 4:19 am

Heh, nice. A joke.wad where the joke isn't just "I've done some really bad mapping and called it a joke".

And I got a lifetime supply of "tamaters and pataters". :biggrin:
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