[DEMO] Zachie's Mod (basically DoraeDoom but better)

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[DEMO] Zachie's Mod (basically DoraeDoom but better)

Postby Zach7551 » Sat Apr 18, 2020 11:08 pm

Sorry for a bit of an absence since i last posted here.
I may as well do a quick (not really) explanation of why this wad exists before I do anything else.
It was 2018 when this all started. My hate for the Pokemon franchise had reached a permanent maximum.
I wanted to make some kind of stress relief game of some sort. And I thought "HEY! Why don't I make a mod of Doom where Doraemon shoots the F#$% out of a bunch of Pikachus?"
For those who don't know, My all time biggest pet peeve I have with the Pokemon franchise is the name. I'm a fan of an anime/manga series called Doraemon thats about a robot cat of the same name going back in time to help a kid named Nobita using a bunch of gadgets that he pulls out of a 4D Pocket on his belly. Whenever I mention Doraemon to some other average american (Because SOMEHOW this anime thats been on the air in Japan for FORTY GODDAMN years STILL HASN"T HAD A PROPER LOCALIZATION. Yes there's the Disney XD dub of the 2005 reboot, but lets ignore that half-assed name-change, unmatching voice hellspawn as if it never existed. It's even worse than any dub 4Kids had ever made.) their feeble mind always has the audacity to say "is that a ripoff of Pokemon?" and it pisses me off more than anything else.
Anyway, back to my story. I downloaded SLADE, ZDoom, and few other tools and got started.
The first incarnation of this wad, DoraeDoom, was basically an experience buildup. But since I was in the process of making a platformer in GameMaker called Furby Adventure Spectacular I felt I could go full out, so I basically continued development on the wad and had replaced the second map and put an exit sign in the first one. However, I got carried away and replaced the Cacodemons with Anpanman and the Wolfenstein 3D Nazis with Goku since I hated their franchises with a passion too. But whatever. I made plenty more maps within the next few months but lost motivation later on. The weapons got replaced with some stuff I think was really funny looking back:
Super Shotgun = A tiny little SpongeBob holding a shotgun and he says "Yeah!" when you (or he) fire(s) it.
Machine Gun = Conker from Conker's Bad Fur Day holding 2 UZI's.
Chainsaw = Sword Kirby.
Plasma Rifle = Super Famicom Controller that shoots plasma out of it's plug when Doraemon presses the B button.
But since I think going too TOO deep into this will probably trigger some people, I'll just cut it short and tell you that regained interest in it recently and decided to retool it. THAT'S WHERE THIS BRAND NEW DEMO COMES IN ! ! !

DOWNLOAD: https://leopard.hosting.pecon.us/dl/sesuf/zmoddemo.wad
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