Skinship - A large map for GZDoom [idgames release]

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Skinship - A large map for GZDoom [idgames release]

Postby Lorenzo » Tue Mar 10, 2020 9:02 am

Skinship is a large map for GZDoom with four new custom monsters, replacements for the cacodemon, imp, hellknight and baron of hell. They were all taken from realm667 and modified by me for balance. Freelook is recommended. Dynamic lights should be turned on. Otherwise, important switches could be missed.

The textures used are a mix of default ones, MISCTEX and Doom Potpourri. There are a few textures from outside of those packs, made by ChaingunnerX, BLAZING_DUST, Absorbed Hatch.

Download: ... u/skinship


My previous projects:

I hope you all enjoy.
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