NUTS: For Chex Quest and Heretic!

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NUTS: For Chex Quest and Heretic!

Postby kinker31 » Sat Feb 01, 2020 7:18 am

Soon to be uploaded to the idgames archives comes two WADs based off the infamous WAD nobody asked for...


Yes indeed, because NUTS.WAD was popular enough to have two sequels, some chucklefuck decided it would be a brilliant idea to bring the general concept of the infamous level over to other Chex Quest 3 and Heretic!
Here's what to expect from these two WADS:

    Fucktons of mosnters!
    Lots and Lots of Lag!
    Dying within the first minute!
    More ammo than you will ever need!
    And much more """fun"""!

"Why would anyone ever make this!?"
-Normal, Boring, Sane People

UPDATE: Turns out I forgot to finish some teleports for the Heretic version, whoops. Is fixed now.

Nuts: For Heretic!

Nuts: For Chex Quest!
Nuts: Chex Quest Edition!
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