Doom Guy Tech/Hell/Whatever Base #31: The Movie: The WAD

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Doom Guy Tech/Hell/Whatever Base #31: The Movie: The WAD

Postby kinker31 » Fri Jan 03, 2020 4:02 am

Hello SuuS(es)!

Now that I have gotten your attention, I have come to bring you another foray into mapping, this time with a (slightly) better understanding of how doors and linedefs work.
It also has Tech, Outside/Urban, and Hell themed-stuff all on one small map, so that's also a thing!
Oh, and I took the time to adjust the monsters that you face for whatever difficulty you wanna face, so that's a neato thing too, I think.
The game also runs smoothly under PrBoom, and Chocolate Doom too, so in theory, you should have no problem running this on a DOS machine. Just thought that'd be another neato-thing to tell.
plus darkness i render pointless with lite-amp goggles

Spoiler: Screenshots!

Sit on Your Keyboard to Download the Map!
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