Wading - a one map singleplayer pWad

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Wading - a one map singleplayer pWad

Postby SalebTuber » Thu Dec 26, 2019 7:00 am



Wading.pk3 contains a pWAD for DOOM2 with one (rather large) map called PUMPSTATION. I feel the map is equivalent to at least two 'normal' maps.
Inspired by the nuke maze in E1M6 (Central Processing), I started it more than 20 years ago with DCK and/or DEU, then let it rest for decades.
Three years ago restarted, kept it vanilla for quite some time, but visiting this Forum was seduced to UDMF it and now it has quite a lot ACS scripting, a decorate lump and a few brightmaps.
But still, it is a good old fighting level and I have spent (yes, wasted) hundreds of pleasant hours playing (and revising) it.
It works well with Brutal Doom (v21) and Beautiful Doom, even my clunky CamRocket launcher is spared.

Many thanks to all of you here for the treasures offered and to all the Noob's for asking 'stupid' questions and thus taking the heat for me, hope to repay a bit by offering this file.
The sripts are commented, so maybe starters can get some ideas from it.
I envy the unaware player of my level, because when I think of all
the pleasant, lethal surprises he/she will encounter - I get overwhelmed with joy.


The story: the pumpstation is called 'wading' by young doom marines because wading is what you do a lot, patrolling this leaky old facility. But older
marines will tell you it's named after a certain 'General Wading' who, while being famous for his lessons in tactics, was ingloriously killed by a zombieman on his first real mission.
But don't take this tale serious, because these same marines also mumble about UAC having build a mutator there, that transforms cacodemons (sic!). So it seems demons DO cause brain damage after all...

Here's the spoiler movie: (don't watch it)

Here's the spoiler movie with Brutal Doom: (don't watch that either)

(Seem not to be able to embed my specially made small pics... :cry: )

Playing: safe often on good moments. You can enter the pumpstation on the left side or right side. Mouse look must be on, jumping and crouching are allowed and shouldn't disturb, that is: with standard values!
If you want to cheat, avoid the noclipping one or you'll ruin your game by disturbing the fine mechanics.
There are nine secret area's in the level, some nested (meaning you need to get in one to open another one). Not one is needed for successfully ending the level. Most of the time they offer equal bonus/malus, just more ways to die.
Some hidden corners with small bonuses don't count as a secret.
Difficulty: TYTD and NTR are very easy, HMP is difficult and UV more difficult. With Brutal Doom I can finish the level in normal HMP only by saving often, with UV you get what you asked for and it's JUST too much for me.
I don't even think about Nightmare etc.
Cooperative: best done close together, or you'll see the man behind the curtains.
Deathmatch: positions and weaponry available, but the level is way too large.


I'm not a graphical artist, so textures are from my own photos, sometimes mixed with doom textures, some are just rearranged doom patches.
The not-doom sounds are made from my own recordings in and around the house (barbecue, swimming pants) and a microKorg, except for the normal rocket explosion sound, which is a mix of freeware soundfiles.
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Re: Wading - a one map singleplayer pWad

Postby DoomSoul » Sun Jan 05, 2020 9:48 pm

How can I find the exit after reach the tower, get the rocket launcher with the visor and kill all enemies? I know where is the exit but I don't kow how to get it.
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Re: Wading - a one map singleplayer pWad

Postby SalebTuber » Thu Jan 09, 2020 5:45 am

I understand you have reached the last pumping hall (with the three dark towers) where the exit switch is? In this hall, on top of the green stone wall there are TWO switches, opposite of each other, with a small wall between them. The right one is reached by the stone elevator. The LEFT ONE is only reachable by jumping from one of the towers towards the blue mega armor. This may seem impossible at first and can drive you crazy, because after each failed jump you must pass the deadly crushing pump again. But in fact it's easy once you got the hang of it. After successfully jumping on the blue armor, cllimb the small stairs to the right and throw the switch, this opens a wall to a secret passage, at the left end of the pumping hall. Shoot the machinegun dude and jump over the canal to the passage. Now you can move on. If you cannot find it from there, let me know.
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