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Holiday DOOMMAS Community Mapping Project

Postby GiraffeMan » Sun Dec 01, 2019 11:43 pm


December has finally started, but since there are 23 days till Christmas Eve, I feel I should have started this earlier. I think we could still pull through either way.
Inspired by Spooktober by Marisa, the deadline we wanna work toward is December 24th, the day before Christmas, but we could put in one or two extra days if need be.

Here's the rundown:

The project is gonna have 12 maps including a final boss, with a Hub-Map to go between them + 6 SEEEKRIT MAPS all scattered across the Hub-Map
The overall theme is cheery Christmas stuff, or morbid Christmas stuff, or mellow wintery stuff, as long as it relates to the Christmas season.
Custom resources; textures, monsters, items, etc. are allowed AND APPRECIATED!!! :D We need all the cool stuff we can get, heh.
You must make your map in UDMF format; simply because it is the most universal, flexible, and awesome format. 8-) Also cuz I might need to clean up unused resources later on.
All maps are gonna be played from "pistol start" unless the mapper starts you off with another weapon.
Music in ANY format is allowed.
Make sure to have lotsa fun and put very much love into your maps!!! :mrgreen:

Merry Xmas in advance, may you and your families have an Epic December.

Current Status:
:? I haven't made much progress; since I've barely started. I guess you could download the map to see what I've got so far, bundled with the resources I'm using/may use later on: ... NGL-AFyFLN


• Decembrance Village - Giraffe Man

Lower Body
• MAP01 - (Empty)
• MAP02 - (Empty)

• MAP03 - (Empty)
• MAP04 - (Empty)

Right Arm Branchyard
•MAP05 - (Empty)
•MAP06 - (Empty)

Left Arm Branchyard
•MAP07 - (Empty)
•MAP08 - (Empty)

•MAP09 - (Empty)
•MAP10 - (Empty)
•MAP11 - (Empty)

Decembrance Debacle Hall
•The Jolliest Showdown of Holiday Destiny - Giraffe Man
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