[WIP] Untitled Doom multiplayer map

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[WIP] Untitled Doom multiplayer map

Postby Apprentice » Fri Nov 01, 2019 12:45 pm

First post here, for some reason I can't post thumbnails here:

https://www.apprentice.be/Screenshots/D ... OT0000.JPG
https://www.apprentice.be/Screenshots/D ... OT0001.JPG
https://www.apprentice.be/Screenshots/D ... OT0002.JPG
https://www.apprentice.be/Screenshots/D ... OT0003.JPG
https://www.apprentice.be/Screenshots/D ... OT0004.JPG
https://www.apprentice.be/Screenshots/D ... OT0005.JPG
https://www.apprentice.be/Screenshots/D ... OT0006.JPG
https://www.apprentice.be/Screenshots/D ... OT0007.JPG

The first screenshots of an so-far untitled map for the original Doom. Based on my own unfinished & unreleased work and designs that have been in my head that (in part) dates back from before the turn of the century, this map has been in production for quite some time. The map has been developed as multiplayer-only and will be compatible with limit-removing ports based off ZDoom.
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