Hexen hub: Realms of Cronos [v1.0 updated]

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Re: Hexen hub: Realms of Cronos [rc1]

Post by Jimmy »

Wicked. This looks really cool. I'll find some time to play this!
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Re: Hexen hub: Realms of Cronos [rc2]

Post by whirledtsar »

Updated to rc2. Definitely re-download if you have a version before rc1b, because there was a bug that prevented progression at a certain point.
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Re: Hexen hub: Realms of Cronos [rc2b]

Post by Emmanuelexe »

I was able to go in this other part by jumping via the secret area but i suppose i'm not supposed to do it right?
I think i have to use the gray door in the circle room to go in this other part but i didn't find out how to open it yet.
(the glasses near the gray door doesnt stop the projectiles like the other glasses of the room)

Awesome map
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Re: Hexen hub: Realms of Cronos [v1.0 updated]

Post by Netheritor »

Just come here from your link in Wrath of Cronos mod.
That map 11 also has a problem with necromancer summons.

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