Realms of Cronos: Hexen Community Project

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Realms of Cronos: Hexen Community Project

Postby fluffyshambler » Wed Oct 30, 2019 5:14 pm

Resource pack:!NT4BHQBK!QgZayBnjqpo6iEzedObQ1kLP4tQ2MkW1xnR5siua6yo

Realms of Cronos is a community hub for Raven Software's Hexen. Experienced and inexperienced mappers alike are welcome. This project will have two phases, mapping & refinement. Mapping will last one month, and an at least completable map is expected by the end of that time (December 1st). After that, there will be two weeks in which the maps can be playtested & refined, and the project can be finalized. More time for refinement can be added if it becomes necessary.

There is a Discord server for the project. You are very much encouraged to join, because discussion & communication is much quicker there than on traditional forums. However, you may instead just post your work on the forum thread, and any vital information posted on Discord will be cross-posted here.

This project is for GZDoom. Your map may be made in GZDoom: Hexen (Hexen) for a more limited, old-school style, or GZDoom: Hexen (UDMF) for full use of the engine's features. Either way, you are encouraged to use ZDoom ACS format. Jumping is allowed, crouching is not.

The project uses a resource pack that includes various extra textures, monsters, & decorations you may use if you wish. It includes variations of Hexen's texture set and expands the range of possible themes, including medieval city, snowy/winter, Egyptian, Aztec, Roman, and Asian. There are also some decorations that fit these themes. The new monsters are the Lava Golem, Undead Piranha, Posessed Scimitar, and Wolfman. Explanations of their behavior can be found on the Discord's "resource pack" channel.

Your map be as big or small, as puzzle-oriented or action-oriented, as old-school or modern as you wish. If you want resources outside of what's provided, they can be added (provided they're quality and appropriate). And of course you can bring your own MIDI and sky texture if desired. I do not want to restrict anyone's creativity. However, you should also make sure to be realistic about what you can accomplish within the timeframe.

Maps must include a puzzle switch, which will affect the hub map. I will take care of scripting that, just place the switch in your map. To ensure players can't miss it, it must be required in some way to exit the level. You may claim one or more of Hexen's keys & puzzle items for use within your map. Additionally, I will provide custom puzzle items you can use if you wish. If possible, I would like for one map to instead include a portal that leads to a new area of another map. So one mapper makes a sealed-off area of his map that can't be accessed from the hub, and another mapper makes a portal in their map that leads to it.

Any map may include the Dragon Lich, but you must claim the Heresiarch or one of the death kings if you wish to use them. The Dragon Lich and Heresiarch require special scripting to function, which you can read about on the ZDoom wiki. However, I would advise against feeling as though your map needs to be capped off by a boss fight.

I will take care of designing the hub map. It will be non-linear, but some maps must be unlocked over time. You must announce what theme/style your map will be so I can design its portal accordingly. Weapons will be unlocked in the hub map over time by completing levels. So for testing purposes, simply place the weapons your map is balanced around at the beginning.

For newcomers to Hexen, there will be guides posted on Discord. These will cover things such as ACS scripting, puzzle switches, using puzzle items, class balancing, and so on.

Testers and musicians are very welcome. Testers using Discord should take the tester role by typing "-role tester", and should be okay with being @'ed when someone posts a map.
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Re: Realms of Cronos: Hexen Community Project

Postby Rip and Tear » Fri Nov 01, 2019 10:23 pm

It's always great to see more Hexen content being made.
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Re: Realms of Cronos: Hexen Community Project

Postby ShadesMaster » Wed Nov 06, 2019 6:51 am

I've begun work on my map, a village swamp of sorts. Untitled, MAP08 slot atm!
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Re: Realms of Cronos: Hexen Community Project

Postby mty » Tue Nov 12, 2019 3:39 pm

I am working on a mysterious east-asian watermill:
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