[v1.0] Gomorrah - A UDMF mapset powered by OTEX

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Re: [v1.0] Gomorrah - A UDMF mapset powered by OTEX

Postby Deon » Thu Nov 05, 2020 4:08 am

I hope my criticism sounds properly and not in any aggressive way.

While I enjoyed the maps, I would say I had a feeling there's something off with the dimensions of the rooms. What I meant is that it doesn't feel Doom-y at all, but it's not a bad thing, the maps definitely have their own theme to them.

I really like the visuals and the large geometry seems interesting and unique. I enjoyed the whole experience.
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Re: [v1.0] Gomorrah - A UDMF mapset powered by OTEX

Postby Gez » Thu Nov 05, 2020 5:20 am

The first three maps indeed feel a bit "empty" compared to the usual Doom PWAD, lots of large rooms, often monsterless. But it's not a problem IMO. Just a change of pace. Slaughtermaps enthusiasts will be disappointed, I suppose, but it's not like they're lacking in options anyway.

You know how the first map in Aliens TC just did not have any monster at all? I got about the same feeling with the three keyhunt maps. It kind of builds up tension for the last map.
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Re: [v1.0] Gomorrah - A UDMF mapset powered by OTEX

Postby Deon » Thu Nov 05, 2020 7:02 am

That is one of the things. The maps look like they were built to look good, and then monsters/traps were added on top of the built geometry/theme.

Another thing is that I noticed that in some areas (like with Spider Mastermind) I simply don't have ammo and I have to run by a few threats before I return and finish them.
It's an interesting choice of pace and it creates a unique and tactical challenge. Most of the maps you just run and gun, so it's fun in its own way.

And of course the puzzles deserve a praise. They are simple yet somewhat unique, it was cool to work a bit more to get a key.
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