The Great War: 1916 | The Western Front

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The Great War: 1916 | The Western Front

Postby ZikShadow » Sun Oct 13, 2019 5:35 am


This map was originally from Dr. Crushcup's unfinished mod, The Great War: 1916. I decided to try scavenging the surviving map in order to play it both in vanilla and with gameplay mods, adding in minor additions here and there. Proper player (along with coop) starts, enemy placements (only former humans, no demons), ambient sound point, some health and armor pickups, barbed wire decorations, occasional void texture fixes, and probably some other stuff I missed. Figured why not release it as well for others to play?

Difficulty enemy count difference is only between UV and HMP, with UV having +300 and HMP +200. I tried keeping to the spirit of the map by limiting as much pickups as possible, only really having the majority of them be in your side of the trenches. Hopefully it'll encourage taking cover in the trenches, taking potshots, and occasionally retreating before advancing again.

Used Hidden and Dangerous 2's soundtrack for the music, slowed down and low passed significantly so as to lessen the loop feel when running with slower mods like Hideous Destructor. Also, while not included in this map's files, I did made a WW1 weapons sprite set for HDest aeons back. The two combined might just make for a better overall feel for it.

Some notes:
- Without any obvious locations to end the map in, I've placed the end trigger in the other trench's medic bunker, just approach the one medkit in the enemy trenches to call it in.
- This map's pretty big. Coupled with 300-ish enemies shooting at you, and the performance might drop a notch. Not much that I can do without cutting up the map or putting some distracting structures in no man's land, unfortunately.
- There's probably going to be some texture errors still. Some of them I'm not even sure how to fix. Terribly sorry about those.
- The enemy trenches have areas whose ceiling z-fights. Not sure how to fix those as well.


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Re: The Great War: 1916 | The Western Front

Postby GiraffeMan » Tue Oct 15, 2019 2:05 am

Amazing map, nice brown colors, cool and vast looking hills and stuff, the map itself is overall pretty stellar.

While the map itself is pretty good, it could use some wayyy better enemy placement. Replace the Zombiemen with Wolfenstein SS dudes or Chaingunners. More Chaingunners would really capture the fear and trench feel of WW1, and you wouldn't be running like a dumbass across no man's land throughout the entire thing. I couldn't really get a kick out of it unless playing on Nightmare.

Anyway, so far it's lookin' pretty rad, and I'm lookin' forward to seein' what you do with this.
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