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[ECWolf] Mutantstein - the Original Trilogy - ECWolf Port

PostPosted: Fri Oct 11, 2019 2:49 pm
by AstroCreep

This is a conversion of 3 classic Wolfenstein 3D mods to ECWolf. Mutantstein is a series of mods by John Bucksnort. For those who were not around or do not remember, John Bucksnort is somewhat of a legendary figure within the Wolfenstein 3D community. He started modding Wolf3D in his 80s and is quite possibly the only actual WWII vet to mod Wolfenstein 3D. In the short 18 months he was in the community before his death, he managed to make or contribute to over 2 dozen difficult mods, including these three.

Each set is 6 levels long, with heavy influence from Doom and Spear of Destiny.

For more info on John Bucksnort, see his wiki page -
Mutantstein -

Mutantstein 2 -

Mutantstein 3 -