Hexen: Cult of Despair - A WoC campaign (1.3A Version)

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Re: Hexen: Cult of Despair - A WoC campaign (1.3A Version)

Postby Nightgaunt » Fri Feb 19, 2021 2:18 pm

The new screenshots are incredible!
I also hope Thetis releases the new final new version of WoC soon, can't wait to see the new stuff.
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Re: Hexen: Cult of Despair - A WoC campaign (1.3A Version)

Postby Exeor » Fri Feb 19, 2021 5:23 pm

Colerx wrote:yeeah I'm knee-deeping into it, the level design, plot, monsters, events everything is awesome, what an excellent work!!!

At this point once finished, I would like to replay it with my cousin in the future, I've done a quick co-op test on gzdoom and everything seems working good so far, the only problem I got, wich is hardly "workaroundable", is that when changing map, the spawn point is the same of each other, causing the death of both players, and I think for the same reason the game goes mad sometimes not changing level at all and make it crashing if trying to pass the point again,

Would you please try to look into this issue in next update if not bothering too much? I really would like to involve my cousin and maybe friends all together in this campaign!
in the end I guess it's just the problem of the spawn point. other little issues like doors shut after respawining I think we could easily get around them.,..

Thank you very much for your work

I'm glad to see more people playing my campaign despite the poor quality of the first few dungeons that I'm trying to improve right now! Thank you for the feedback :D

Sure, it is easy, I will add more spawn points for the two, three and four player in every map. I only did this for the first village because I wasn't sure if WoC is compatible to play on multiplayer/coop, I remember that some players tried it using zandronum and they reported some crashes here and there.

Nightgaunt wrote:The new screenshots are incredible!
I also hope Thetis releases the new final new version of WoC soon, can't wait to see the new stuff.

Me too, it has been more than a year since the last update. That beta build (3.1.4 version if I recall correctly) worked perfectly with my campaign with no issues so I hope that the next official version continues without breaking anything :p

By the way, I did some small changes these two days. Now the normal Undead Knight shows the green axe in his sprite while the ghost version uses the red one, it is just a visual thing that I found cool to add.

I also balanced two areas: All Gargoyles from the Swamp Temple were replaced by Poison Gargoyles and Rocky Pathway has Ettin Commanders and Afrit Leaders instead of Gargoyles and Golems now (since they are no longer a challenge for the player and are very simple enemies to continue appearing at that point in the campaign) other enemies in that area like Nitrogolems, Centaurs or Satyrs are still there.
I know that they are silly changes, but I want to make sure the campaign offers a good experience for the player with new and harder enemies the more you progress in your adventure regardless of your class :wink:




Also, the Direwood Castle is finished so my next plan is improving the level design of the Hidden Basement.
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Re: Hexen: Cult of Despair - A WoC campaign (1.3A Version)

Postby Colerx » Fri Feb 19, 2021 6:01 pm

You did really great improvements there, looking forward to this a lot, keep on the good work!!! and thank you for your willingness!
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Re: Hexen: Cult of Despair - A WoC campaign (1.3A Version)

Postby Colerx » Mon Feb 22, 2021 1:16 pm

Finished until "thanks for playing" :lol:


I really enjoyed this campaign!
reached level 33 at skill 4 with xp multiplier at default 100 , Barbarian class
played 10 hours and 50 minutes, without count of those thousands of time I quickloaded , was very challenging!!

Loved this, can't wait to see it finished and play it with my cousin!!!

Thank you, it has really filled my evenings with this damn lockdown.
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Re: Hexen: Cult of Despair - A WoC campaign (1.3A Version)

Postby Tresto » Sun Feb 28, 2021 11:24 am

I am 7 hours through the campain and have some questions.
1. Where can I find the key to the gaveyard chapel, mentioned by the NPC at the eand of the graveyard? By the gaveyard I mean the optional gaveyard map near the Direwood Castle?
2. In the Greenleaf Village Graveyard I have found a skull that says that I have found the second skull so the curse has been lifted. But I don't know where is the first skull?
I am having a lot of fun with your mod and I will give some feedback after finishing! Thanks

So I have finished the campain until the "thanks for playing" screen. I would like to add some feedback. I think that this is a very good mod, that when finished would be at my personal top list of Hexen/Heretic maps.
What I liked the most:
- variety of enemies and their attacks. I think that you have done a great job in desining and coding those enemies.
- boss fights - I really enjoyed how differnet they were form each other, but I think more focus on boss arena desing (different than square shapes of arena, obstacles arising during second phase etc.) could enhance the experience,
- side quests and Heretic arenas!
What I think could be improved. I would say that Cult of Despair is good in the first half and great in the second half.
- Some of the optional dungeons could benefit from adding a little bit of lore explaining their setting and what has happened there.
- During the first half of the game you can explore a lot of smal underground caves. It reminded me a little bit of Zelda world. But I think these caves are a bad idea - their design is a little bit boring and unchallenging. I think the overall level design would benefit if you reduce the amount of holes in the ground and focus on building 2/3 of more diverse ones (house basement, underwater secrets etc.).
- The black passage could have a little more light - You are forced to use torches or proceed in complete darkness, either way the beautiful desing is lost.
- The lonely den design is somewhat boring, especially in comparison to other dungeons like cultist fortress.
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