Randomized Roguelike map - v5 (Upd. 12/9/19) (New Map Gen!)

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Re: Randomized Roguelike map - v5 (Upd. 12/9/19) (New Map Ge

Postby TDRR » Sun Sep 15, 2019 11:19 pm

Rapidgame7 wrote:I've done a few things and realized that enemies do not spawn on skills 4 and 5 - I don't know much of the Doom terminology, but the map things you use to spawn actors on do not have the hard flag set. Or the flag that says "UV and Nightmare".

Spoiler: I was going to reply with this

Yeah, mistake on my part. I'm going to fix it, but just so you know it's completely useless to play in UV, since it's the exact same as HNTR and HMP in this map.

Solid-Head wrote:Oh yes ! I've been waiting for this. My revenants mazes were driving me insane ! Your mazes are great. I like how open they can be now and how quick they generate. I will totally use this now.
Nice work. I haven't mess with the cvar yet but I'll look into thoses

TDRR wrote:Also, Solid-Head, sorry but i didn't update your map. Mostly because i haven't yet gotten the latest version running properly in ZDoom32, which is my testing port. Once i get it working, i'm going to put it in.

Implying I want you to use this old crappy version now that you've release this !
I change a lot under the hood since. Here's a more recent version for you and the 2 people that are following this :
https://www.mediafire.com/file/fx08kz7q ... 4.wad/file

This is not the latest version but its the most cool/stable one(Its still buggy). You don't actually need the three keys to use the ship, just don't spam the use key. My goal was to be able to use the minimap to navigate and generate a new maze within the map, which kinda work.

You may still struggle with this because I think this one still have the leaves in it.
Anyway I'm ditching all of it and start again. Will post update once I figure how your stuff work. And again, thank you !

Really cool! I love how it plays now, great work with it. The atmosphere is also great.

By the way, it's very easy to add the map generation algorithm into your map. The only hard thing is tagging all sectors in order :/ It might be doable to tag them all manually since your map is smaller, or you can try to build the map in Doom Builder X and then copy+paste that into GZDB. Then, without deselecting anything, use the tag range function. It rarely works, but you can give it a shot if you don't want the pain of having to tag them all manually.

If you want an in-depth explanation of how the Random Walk Algorithm should be implemented into your map, just ask me. It's fairly easy.

I'm not going to add this one into v6, i'm going to wait for the next version instead. Also, a small request: Could you add the option to remove the sky? Instead of that, it just shows a flat-colored texture corresponding to what the sky would look like. This would greatly increase framerates in my PC (as well as any computer too) since drawing the sky "portal" so many times is what slows it down.
(NOTE: I'm talking about changing the F_SKY1 flat, NOT the sky texture)
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