[ECWOLF]Escape from Totenhaus: Special Edition (Mac Version)

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[ECWOLF]Escape from Totenhaus: Special Edition (Mac Version)

Postby AstroCreep » Sat Jan 19, 2019 12:59 pm

It's the spring of 1943. You're working as an undercover agent behind enemy lines, passing yourself off as a German in a quaint Bavarian village. One afternoon, you're sitting in a tavern sipping schnapps and flirting with a pretty fraulein when someone identifies you as an Allied spy. Before you can amiably protest and offer to buy the man a drink, somebody else hits you on the back of the head and the lights go out.

The next thing you know, you wake up in what appears to be the basement of a large mansion. But this is no ordinary mansion. This is Totenhaus (House of Death), the dreaded location where Allied spies are taken to be interrogated and executed, overseen by a contingent of cruelly efficient Gestapo and Waffen-SS.

Until now, no one has escaped from Totenhaus alive. Will you be the first?

This is a conversion of the Special Editon of Escape from Totenhaus mac scenario to ECWolf, using the PC files rather than the Mac files.


Menu graphics adapted from WolfenDOOM, Wolf 3D, and the ECWolf Tech Demo by Executor.
Includes fonts from Tech Demo by Executor
includes imf macwolf songs by Andy_Nonymous

This is only a temporary build, as this is designed for the crippled version currently
being run by the dev versions of ECWolf. As such, this WILL NOT WORK with the official releases yet, only the dev versions
which support MacWolf. Dev versions can be found at http://devbuilds.drdteam.org/ecwolf/

This also includes a modified Totenhaus SE mod needed to run this fix, already
MacBinary'd up.

Extract ZIP file
Drag and drop "totense_data.bin" and "totense_fix_PC.pk3" onto the ecwolf executable


run "ecwolf --file totense_data.bin toten_fixse_PC.pk3"

Spoiler: Credits

Spoiler: Screenshots

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