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[ECWolf] Hitler's Graveyard - Port to ECWolf

PostPosted: Sun Dec 23, 2018 11:49 pm
by AstroCreep

For years, the Nazis have been amassing a large collection of treasure and religious artifacts stolen from conquered countries all across Europe. Now that the war is over, the hunt is on to track down this ill-gotten booty. Some of it has been hidden away in the strangest and most inaccessible of places. One of these places is the cemetary known only as Hitler's Graveyard, a huge network of underground catacombs somewhere in Poland. It is here that you begin your search, shrugging aside ridiculous rumors that the place is haunted. But as you begin your descent into the dark, narrow tunnels, you realize some of these rumors just might be true... and even worse, that the Nazis assigned to guard the treasure have no idea the Allies have won and don't intend to give up without a fight.

This is a conversion of Laz Rojas' deluxe scenario "Hitler's Graveyard". Aside from packaging this mod up nicely and making a few necessary fixes, it also includes the assets originally needed to be injected into the executable and a full MAPINFO definition to prevent crashing.


Menu graphics adapted from WolfenDOOM Version of Astrostein, Wolf 3D, and the ECWolf Tech Demo by Executor.
Includes fonts from Tech Demo by Executor
includes imf macwolf songs by Andy_Nonymous
Some sounds and sprites changed because they had to be either glitched or just didn't make sense.

This is only a temporary build, as this is designed for the crippled version currently
being run by the dev versions of ECWolf. As such, this WILL NOT WORK with the official releases yet, only the dev versions
which support MacWolf. Dev versions can be found at

This also includes a modified macbin needed to run this fix.

Extract ZIP file
Drag and drop "graveyard_data.bin" and "graveyard_fix_PC.pk3" onto the ecwolf executable


run "ecwolf --file graveyard_data.bin graveyard_fix_PC.pk3"

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Re: [ECWolf] Hitler's Graveyard - Port to ECWolf

PostPosted: Mon Dec 24, 2018 12:51 am
by Beezle
Really appreciate your work on these mods. Always had trouble running some of these Wolfenstein 3D mods til these ECWolf conversions came along.