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This Is Your Life! - UD Vanilla Mapset (Shareware!)

PostPosted: Mon Dec 10, 2018 1:54 am
by Sparktimus
Doomguy, This Is Your Life!


Hey, guys! It's Sparks again, and to celebrate Doom's 25th anniversary, I'm releasing my E1M1 replacement for Ultimate Doom which is going to be included in my upcoming mapset: This Is Your Life! There will be a first level replacement for each of the three original episodes for Doom 1, and who knows? Maybe when Ultimate Doom's anniversary rolls around, I'll replace E4M1 as well! ;)

I was really wanting to get all three maps done in time for Doom's 25th, but alas. I decided not to stress myself out too hard about it and go at my own pace so that I could work to my best ability. I can't promise anything, but I am going to try and shoot for getting all of this stuff done by the end of December or early January at least. This particular map too way too long for me to actually get done already, and now that I'm a bit more comfortable in this specific mapping style, I'm hoping to get E2M1 and E3M1 done a lot quicker. Which Christmas and all that madness coming up soon, I can't really say for sure when it'll all come together, but I'm going to get this out as soon as I can, for sure!

As for the level itself, it's nothing too fancy. It's more or less a tribute to Doom from my own perspective. I tried to channel Romero's mapping tropes and I think I've done a pretty decent job here. Don't expect 100% DTWID-levels of faithfulness, but I tried to keep this as simple as I could while taking some design liberties. It took a little over a week to make and as the title says, it's vanilla. Tested on Chocolate by me and DOS by a friend, so it should be able to run on any source port you want to use! Played on all difficulties, but I tested with UV and HMP in mind. Editors used were Slade and GZDoom Builder-Bugfix.

I'd like to credit DMPhobos for the original inspiration with his great mapset Eternal Damnation, which I highly recommend, and also I'd like to credit Jimmy for releasing Deathless and making me want to map for Ultimate Doom in the first place!

And of course, much love to those boys in Texas that released a genre-defining game that fateful day in 1993. Happy 25th, Doom. We love you. Always and forever. <3