[ECWOLF] MacWolf Mod Loader for PC Wolfenstein

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[ECWOLF] MacWolf Mod Loader for PC Wolfenstein

Postby AstroCreep » Sun Dec 02, 2018 10:49 pm

This is a simple mod-loader for use with ECWolf. This enables you to load scenarios for the
Mac version of Wolfenstein 3D using data files from the MS-DOS version.
I added in the hi res walls and item sprites, so that mods with additional walls and other resources
work properly. (I would have rather left them out to make a more genuine port but it would have broken
some mods. Unfortunately, mods will crash at the end due to the unfinished state of macwolf support. This
can be fixed by supplying mapinfo files.

All mac scenarios must be MacBinaried before they can be used with ECWolf. The only way known to do this
is to use a modern mac, and in a terminal window type "macbinary encode" and then drag and drop the file into
the window, which should come out with a file named XXXXX.bin.

This converter must be loaded BEFORE the mod.
EXAMPLE ecwolf.exe --file macwolf_mod_loader.pk3 Halten Sie.bin

I have taken the liberty of including a few mods ready to go. Mods included by Laz Rojas and yyr.
Note: Mods with heavy modifications like Astrostein probably won’t work right, due to using pc enemy frames and such. Plus sounds had to be manually injected with ResEdit, so most bigger mods will prob still need conversions, even after complete Macwolf support

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