[Prboom+] Travelling to the moon series [cl9 and cl11]

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[Prboom+] Travelling to the moon series [cl9 and cl11]

Postby the_trigger » Sun Nov 18, 2018 5:22 am

Hello all, Yugiboy85 here (previously known as the_trigger)

Long while since I haven't posted here but yeah. I thought, considering I made topics for both these maps on other forums and never actually made one here, I'd make a thread for both maps.

So yeah, here goes.

Travelling to the moon - Released in late 2016 - CL9 (at the least) - Doom 2: Map01

Travelling to the moon is a prboom+ map (requires cl9) that takes quite the inspiration from lunatic (skillsaw) but, does not take place on the moon. It is a rather large map that is non-linear in the sense that you have to grab 3 keys in any order (most people will take the yellow route first from what I've seen though) and takes place in some rock/water landscape with a sort of military base in the center. Each key sections has wave based fights that are of reasonable difficulty and, once you've collected all keys, you have to complete one final fight. You then board on a rocket ship with only one destination: The moon (more on that later)

The map took about 6 months (on and off) to complete and, it was my first serious boom map. It may have a few slimetrails here and there but hopefully, nothing too groundbreaking. I know there is a bug with the sky transfer (I didn't set the offsets correctly and thus, it creates a few lines in the sky, although, it's hardly noticeable, if not at all). Should take you about an hour on a first playthrough (I have seen it beat in way less by viperkiller on youtube). Have fun


https://i.imgur.com/jDQK79f.jpg > Starting area
https://i.imgur.com/GmTZqfb.jpg > Some scenery in the red key area
https://i.imgur.com/2r2QEQM.jpg > Blue key area
https://i.imgur.com/FD2wfld.jpg > Yellow key area
https://i.imgur.com/LzkWhCc.jpg > Launch pad

Link: https://www.doomworld.com/idgames/level ... u/travmoon

Man on the Moon
- Released in november of 2018 (final version, first RC was released in september) - CL11 (at the least) - Doom 2: Map01

Man on the moon is the direct sequel to "Travelling to the moon". After boarding the rocket ship, you arrive on the moon (or some moon) and, you have to find a way out.

This map has a strong influence from skillsaw's valiant (episode 5 mainly) and, just like the previous map, is non-linear as far as gameplay goes. You grab keys in any order, and eventually arrive at a final fight. This time however, the map is less arena oriented and focuses a bit more on setpieces and incedental combat. It opens up as you go, revealing shortcuts to avoid backtracking too much and, has 13 secrets for you to find (original had 8). It has a few more enemies (1400+ versus 1100+ in the previous one) and features a custom boss (dehacked made by JCD and decorate by JCD) which I find fits the theme just perfectly (hence why it requires cl11 at the least: The boss uses mbf specific code pointers).

The map has a few subtle callbacks to the original.

Map should take you about an hour on first playthrough and is rather hard (around the same difficulty as the previous one). Have fun.


https://i.imgur.com/Q11dp6g.jpg > Around the starting section
https://i.imgur.com/QgOD2ul.jpg > Yellow key fight
https://i.imgur.com/QAT51tH.jpg > Underground tunel in the red key section
https://i.imgur.com/vuQGC4D.jpg > Blue key section
https://i.imgur.com/Qlgi9ij.jpg > Some bridge leading to the final fight

Link: https://www.doomworld.com/idgames/level ... s/m-o/motm

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