FUNGUS: A new Space-themed map you might enjoy

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FUNGUS: A new Space-themed map you might enjoy

Postby JadingTsunami » Thu Aug 02, 2018 9:33 pm


Download link:

- Singleplayer, GZDoom. Skill levels implemented.
- Space and underground themes. New textures.
- Gameplay and encounter focused

A new map based on some ideas I had for interesting encounters, centered on a concept of fighting monsters on a distant planet infested with a mind-altering fungus.

The map includes new textures, music, and a brief storyline. It started as a vanilla wad but I converted to GZDoom format about halfway through, so it plays mostly as a vanilla wad would.

I hope you enjoy the map. I am appreciative of any feedback you feel would help improve future levels.

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