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My First Map: Hell's Cathedral

PostPosted: Wed Jul 18, 2018 5:58 pm
by Chloroxite
I have always had my eyes on mapping for Doom, and recently I finally decided to give it a shot. This is the fruit of my labor: Hell's Cathedral.
This was originally going to be a small mapset similar to the WAD Disjunction in that it featured a few maps of varying theme. I did this as I figured working with different themes would give me opportunity to get good at mapping. However, disaster struck not too long into development in map 2, when over-ambition (attempting to work with new textures and flats and such) caused my map to become unplayable in Prboom, I sent it off to my friend for him to check it out and he found a lot of errors that could potentially be hard to fix, and in fact my friend noted that the map boiled down to boring boxes and hallways. I took a good step back, and realized he was right. In light of this, I decided to scrap the project, release the map that did get finished out to the public, and re-evaluate my next projects.

But enough backstory, here's the map!


And some screenshots!


The map is built to run in Prboom (specifically Complevel 9), meaning you can run it in practically whatever source port you want so long as it's not below Prboom.
Credits for added midi and skybox provided in the zip file above.
I hope you enjoy, and I am accepting any constructive criticism and mapping advise you have. :D
Edit: The map is built for UV Difficulty, and you probably wont see much change if you lower the difficulty paste the first half of the map