My First Foray into Doom Mapping

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kinker31, please avoid level design.
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My First Foray into Doom Mapping

Postby kinker31 » Thu Mar 29, 2018 6:44 pm

Hello, everyone of all genders! :)

So, a little while ago, I decided: "You know, maybe I'll try making a map myself! I mean, how hard can it be, anyways?"
The answer? Doable, but pretty hard, 'cause you know, linedefs and sector-handling and all that sort of stuff.
So today, I decided to share the fruit of my efforts to you people.

Anyways, this is a one-map WAD, and should replace MAP01 of Doom 2.
Although I tested the map a couple of times, there probably are gonna be some bugs, none of which should be too bad.
Well, unless I suck at testing maps, which probably is the case.
Oh, and there's also difficulty-exclusive monsters/items, as well as some other stuff.

Oh, and a screenshot, since I myself would wanna look at some screenshots before downloading.

Push against butt for download!
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Re: My First Foray into Doom Mapping

Postby Hellser » Sat Mar 31, 2018 3:06 pm

It's not bad - some glaring issues: mismatching floor textures. Couldn't progress further in the map after getting the red key (door was too low, stairs waaay too high). But after noclipping through and continuing - you've got the right idea. Just executing some of it wrong, but that's how your first few maps are! I say keep going.
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Re: My First Foray into Doom Mapping

Postby Zen3001 » Sat Mar 31, 2018 4:41 pm

that one lift I encountered doesn't seem to be useable more then once so when It goes up and I didn't manage to get on it somehow I'm stuck down their(unless I cheat and use noclip)
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Re: My First Foray into Doom Mapping

Postby Graaicko » Tue May 15, 2018 3:44 pm

Alot of switches and doors were broken.
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Re: My First Foray into Doom Mapping

Postby Blitzky » Sun May 20, 2018 7:12 pm

Hi Kinker,
I'd like to thank you for jumping head first into the mapping scene and giving it a go despite your reservations about its difficulties.
First maps are always shaky, so let's take a look at what you have and how it could be improved.

Here's an overview of your map and the basic path the player takes through it:

I like the fact that the first door the player sees in the room beyond the start point is the the last one they go through.
I also like how you have the player traversing in all different directions, and even backtracking, instead of just sending them down a hallway.

That being said, there are some glaring issues that hold this map back quite a bit, and some that prevent the map from being completed.
I've labeled a second overview with the locations of these issues:

#1 - [Minor] You have monsters immediately attacking the player from behind. I would either remove the ambush, or place the monsters in front of the player, though that is just personal preference.
#2 - [Nitpick] The way you hid the secret is a stellar example of how it's done, I just felt the Wolfenstein soldiers were out of place here.
#3 - [Nitpick] This door requires a blue key, but lacks any sort of indicator that this is the case.
#4 - [Nitpick] You have some barrels in an enclosed area here. I don't think they're a problem, it just felt a bit claustrophobic here.
#5 - [Major] The sector next to the lift is lacking a lower texture, this gives us a hall of mirrors effect and lets us into the room ahead through the floor.
#6 - [Minor] The floor textures that are lit up are different than the rest, and they clash pretty bad. I would make the floor textures all the same here, also consider changing floor heights when you want to change floor textures.
#7 - [Nitpick] You hid the secret here quite well, but I think it could be just a bit more obvious since the texture you use and the texture on the adjacent wall are incredibly similar in a dark room.
#8 - [Major] There are stairs here and I'm not sure why. The stairs leave the player higher than the door in front can open, which prevents us from advancing. I would just lower the stairs to the same floor height as the door sector.
#9 - [Major] This one has a few layers to it:
  1. You have the switch in this room set to "W1" which means it activates after the player walks over it, which is both counter-intuitive and impossible since the sector used to make the switch is more than 24 units tall.
  2. The door the switch is set to activate didn't activate after I changed it to "S1"(Which is activated when the player presses use).
  3. The doors in this room that keep the player from getting the blue keycard rely on the imps in another room to take the teleporter behind the door that didn't open after activating the switch.
I would just have the switch in that room open the doors for the ambush, since it didn't seem like the pushers you were using had any effect on the imps in the room anyway.

#10 - [Minor] You have a teleport directly adjacent to a door. Teleports are activated when a player crosses the front face of a linedef marked for teleport. However, the front of the linedef faces into the sector. What this means is that the player will teleport when they try to leave the sector instead of entering it. You can fix this by flipping the linedef. If you're hellbent on making sure that both of a door's linedefs are facing outward, you can split the door down the middle into an 8 unit sector and then flip the linedef on the teleport.

You could also stand to add some details here and there, but that's just a nitpick.
Also, The sector in the middle of your screenshot is swimmable for some reason.

Overall, it's solid for a first map.
Keep mapping and come back to this map in a few months.
You'll be amazed by what you see that you can add, fix, or re-work after getting the hang of things a bit more.
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