Strife stuff that may be useful to someone

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Strife stuff that may be useful to someone

Post by Enjay »

With all the Strife talk, I thought I'd look out something that may be of help to people. It's a web based Walkthrough and FAQ that I found years ago. To give you an idea of just how long ago, I didn't have HD space to save it, so I just printed it on my old colour inkjet printer. Fortunately I kept my copy because as far as I can tell the web site has long since gone.

Anyway, I scanned my print out (which turned out OK-ish) but in order for me to be able to put it up for download, I needed the files to be a lot smaller, so I reduced the scans to 2 colour black/white PNG images. This means they look crappy, but at least I can get the whole lot web based for a bit over 1 MB. If anybody desperately needs a better scan of individual pages, I may be able to arrange that, but my modem and web space simply can't cope with a full upload.

Anyway, what's in it?

A general FAQ
A brief walk through for the teaser
A walk through for the first few maps of the main game - takes you quite far through IIRC
Descriptions of the major plot turning points and the 3 endings
Where to get the sigil pieces
When you get stat increases
Where the keys are
Description of enemies including hit points, locomotion method, speed approximation etc
How to tackle various enemies
Weapons including ROF and damage
Weapon descriptions
Cheats for teaser and full version
Warnings about cheating

Sound interesting? If so, grab it from right down the bottom of the page. Sorry, the site tends to be a bit slow. Or maybe it's just my modem.

Remember to turn off Norton Internet Security (and maybe other firewalls) before DLing the file. The anti remote linking software on that page gets confused by it and redirects you instead of letting you get at the file. :roll:

I just tested the DL, and it worked, so it should be OK for everyone.
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Post by Chilvence »

An intresting read, proves a good point ;)
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Post by Goukuma »

here or here is the online version. I noticed at least some difference in layout of your scans though.

The enemy table really helped me figure out what thing was what going by hit points when writing Sehack.txt. The Oracle has 1 HP not 31 though. Also, I could list individual frames of animations for weapons with their durations, which ones have code pointers, also the missile damage and attributes and frames of projectiles.

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