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New to the forum

Post by Terra-jin »

Hello everyone!

I'm Terra-jin, just registered...

I'm an old fan of DOOM, and keep being amazed at how there is always something new to DOOM. In the early days, I discovered that there were level editors to DOOM, and I made my first maps back then. Later still, I got DeHackEd, and it allowed my to change even more of DOOM.

Now, however, I hope to be able to change EVERYTHING I ever wanted with the ZDOOM source port. I don't quite know yet how to edit the source code, so I would love to learn from you guys.

I've got a 30 page document of all my ideas for various new monsters, weapons, hazards and so on, and browsing through ZDOOM I hoped I could actually implement them all. Some would require more hard-coded changes, but I can create most of these things with DeHackEd, but I simply lack the Thing #'s, the frames, and the code pointers to create them all. Can this problem be circumvented?

Terra-jin :)
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Post by Nanami »


Doom codepointers can be found here:

More codepointers and bits are here:

The Eternity page lists these:

The last one is a list of DeHacked and BEX extentions, but it also has some Eternity-only changes so you'll have to sort through those.

As for the frames, DeHacked.exe should show you those. Also, Enjay can probably help with that.
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Post by wildweasel »

Hello, Terra-jin.

I notice that you didn't link to the original BOOMDEH.TXT file. I would link to it myself but I can't find the link to Enjay's page...

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