Sniper zoom

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Kappes Buur
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Sniper zoom

Post by Kappes Buur »

I've been using Enjay's sniper cfg from his njma01 pwad. It is extremely handy, especially the adjusted mouse settings. However, while it is quite accurate for the rocket und plasmagun, it is quite dismal for the shotgun and chaingun. Especially when I use the 12x zoom.

The thought has occurred to me, that I do not know how to handle guns, but I would have expected to hit something anywhere near the x-hair. Supposedly, and this from an earlier thread about x-hair, the bullets should converge with the x-hair more accurately, the further the target.

Has anybody else experienced this? And mind you, I am not talking close or medium range. I mean 12x zoom range.
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Post by Biff »

Both the shotgun(s) and the chaingun do not precisely hit the crosshair. The shotguns are coded to actually act like shotguns; up close, all pellets hit a target and the pellets spread farther with increasing distance. The single shotgun has a "tighter pattern", making it more suitable for longer-range shots than the double shotgun. Neither is good for very long shots.

The chaingun can be accurate at long distance but you have to pulse the trigger. Using the sniper zoom, watch bullets hit a far wall. If you hold the fire key down, the bullet impacts will be seen to dance around the crosshair some, with a random few pretty far off. Now, try rapidly pressing and releasing the fire key. Watch the bullet puffs, adjust your trigger action to get precise hits. The key thing is that any first shot fired hits the crosshair, so repeatedly pressing the fire key enacts this behavior.
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Post by HotWax »

This is precisely why there are no shotguns or gatling guns with scope mounts. :)
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David Ferstat
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Post by David Ferstat »

I found that the chaingun was more quite accurate enough; if the troops in the towers were in range of the chaingun, then I could hit them.

As Biff observed, you shouldn't hold the fire button down. I find that using a short "double-tap" (not co-incidentally a tactic used by real-world special forces) lets you keep a reasonably high rate of fire without sacrificing accuracy.

As far as shotguns are concerned, remember that another word that describes them is "scattergun".

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