Point Light Rendering Question

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Point Light Rendering Question

Postby Albert Wacklelet » Mon May 09, 2022 6:51 pm

Hey, this isn't a feature suggestion or anything, just a software engineer's curiosity.

How difficult would it be to implement a style of point light to GZDoom with an n-step incremental falloff (n = 3 to 5 maybe)? The idea is to approximate the visual style of a map maker drawing sectors of decreasing brightness around a light source.
I rather like using point lights for some of the awkward sector regions in a map, where drawing more sectors would introduce a lot of complexity, but point lights have a very smooth gradient. This is usually of no consequence, but I like to use a mix of point lights and hand-drawn sectors, and there's a bit of a visual style difference between the two. I try not to have them both in the same region, though, though they can usually complement each other nicely.

The idea of rendering points lights in this incremental way starting stewing in my head, and I began to wonder if someone had already poked at this idea, or maybe it's just a really expensive/awkward thing from a shader/CPU/GPU perspective.
Was hoping that Graf Zahl might share some thoughts on the idea, if that's okay.
Again, to be clear, this isn't a feature request. I've just been diving a bit more into rendering techniques and lower-level engine stuff lately, and wanted to hear some thoughts from someone a lot more knowledgeable on this.
Albert Wacklelet

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