Walls/linedefs distance culling per 3d floors

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Walls/linedefs distance culling per 3d floors

Postby Darkcrafter » Thu Apr 28, 2022 3:42 pm

I know I map incorrectly but if GZDoom allows for this why not? I could end up using quake engine yet I'd like to build entirely 3d levels for doom.

Is there any way I could set my own walls/linedefs/actors distance culling in a desired sector. For example player hits an enclosed structure made out of 3d floors entirely, let's suppose it "hovers" in a big map but the engine still waste resources on rendering what's completely obstructed by it and framerates are low.

I assume this technique could be implemented easier on a sector basis and have infinitely tall area of action. But what if a custom actor would be placed inside a 3d dummy control sector that will check not only player's feet contact onto the surface yet also taking "height" into account at which player is still considered present in that sector.

It can also be useful for open 3D structures floating in space because even if everything is culled outside a custom pre-baked panoramic skybox may help but that would also require a check for height.

As far as the level gets 3D pretty much a lot of things including doors, teleporters and switches now require a height check for consistency so there is a lot of 3D floor based triggers in my works, would be awesome if some sort of Quake's 3D triggers end up in the game.

Am I asking for impossible?
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