Brutal Doom won't spawn SSG; always spawns AS

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Brutal Doom won't spawn SSG; always spawns AS

Postby rightj553 » Thu Dec 02, 2021 10:14 am

I'm having a problem with Brutal Doom. It doesn't spawn Super Shotguns; only Assault Shotguns. I don't know what's causing this problem; even when I play without addons, I still experience it. How do I fix this?
Edit: Forgot to mention that this doesn't only happen in custom maps; also in regular Doom 2 (with BD, of course).
Edit 2: Problem solved. Please don't reply.
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Re: Brutal Doom won't spawn SSG; always spawns AS

Postby Kappes Buur » Thu Dec 02, 2021 3:08 pm

The workings of Brutal Doom do not follow the well known regular Doom game, everything has been altered to some extent.

And so it is with the SuperShotgun actor, which now resembles an assault gun. But there is also a dedicated Assault Gun actor. The only way to get back the look of the regular SuperShotgun would be to either replace the sprites or to add another DECORATE actor which is the regular SuperShotgun.
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