Help getting author permissions

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Help getting author permissions

Postby LucidMage » Wed Nov 24, 2021 10:20 pm

Hi there, I need some help trying to contact mod authors about permission to use sprites/SFX.
Since I'm new I don't have access to private messaging yet. I'd rather not spam random posts just to open this up.

This mod I've made (a monster replacement pack) started off as a personal project which I'm thinking about adding to the Gameplay forums. Its basically finished, I just need to clean things up and sort out credits. Nothing has been uploaded yet.

These are the mods I've sourced from and plan to include in my credits list:
Shades of Doom by Cyanide
Hexen II Monsters by Ghastly (possibly some other people as well?)
Legion of Bones by SpaceyStrife
Re-Blood by MaxiClouds and SAmik37

There is also stuff from Realm 667, though I believe crediting respective authors is enough.

If any of the above authors (or any authors I've missed) explicitly don't give permission then I have no qualms about stopping here and having it remain a personal mod.
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