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Looking for Doom2 Music Replacements

PostPosted: Mon Nov 22, 2021 5:31 pm
by fcas3t
I'm currently searching for .wad files with various types of music for use with the Doom 2 Iwad. (I want .wad so I can use them for watching demos, which can't be done in GZDoom. I use the recommended dsda-doom source port to watch them.)

I've already found several good ones, which I'll share in the next post here. (Another reason for this thread is to encourage others to share the Music Replacement files they enjoy. So please share your favorite compilations, especially ones you put together yourself. Anything suitable for *ZDoom belongs here too, including your favorite .pk3 music files.)

Re: Looking for Doom2 Music Replacements

PostPosted: Mon Nov 22, 2021 5:55 pm
by fcas3t
Here are the .wad music replacements for Doom 2 I've enjoyed so far:

* The Cipherz compilation of rock covers of the Bobby Prince originals is the best one of these I've heard for Doom2. The Mediafire link at the bottom of the post is the one I downloaded.

* The Memento Mori soundtrack from 1995 is one of my favorite custom soundtracks. Back in the day they apparently needed to ship the music in a separate wad file, which means it can be used to replace music in any Doom2 mapset. Other classic megawads like Requiem also have a custom music wad file.

* Plutonia midi pack is a nice compilation of music made by Jimmy and others in 2013. (The Plutonia Iwad uses the same internal song names as Doom2, so it works fine with both.)

In addition, these links are useful to find other compilations:

* doomwiki category for music packs, including the Plutonia one I linked.

* idgames/music archive sorted by user ratings. There are many music wads hosted here, including the ones listed in the wiki category, so you may want to sort by most recent too.

Re: Looking for Doom2 Music Replacements

PostPosted: Sat Nov 27, 2021 11:47 am
by fcas3t
Attached is a musical tribute to Mark Klem, the maestro of the early Doom modding scene. It replaces the music for maps 01 to 30 and the intermission screen. The text file has more info.

I had no intention of making my own music compilation when I started this thread several days ago. For one thing, I knew it would require Doom-specific software tools that I've never used before. But while watching a demo a few nights ago with the Memento Mori soundtrack, I thought it'd be cool to make a Klem compilation without any reused songs. So I googled how to do it, and this brief video showed that it wouldn't be too much trouble using Slade. The video description provides important links.

Slade was pretty straightforward to use. The tricky part was being meticulous about renaming the extracted song files to the Doom2 track names.