what is this mystery mod from a long time ago?

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what is this mystery mod from a long time ago?

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my friend RiboZurai has been talking to me about a mod that is long gone but that could be not true like what is the name i asked him and he does not know here is what he said what the mod was like

I'm looking for this extremely obscure weapon and monster replacer wad:
- It was compatible with Skulltag/Zandronum
- One of the weapons was a throwable Blood Orb, similar from that one from Zen Dynamics (however the orb floated on the marine's hand)
- There was a tommygun from Blood, without the altfire
- There was a super shotgun based on Doom 3's style
- I believe it had a monster replacement wad that game together with the weapon wad in the same zip
- The Megasphere/Soulsphere was sometimes replaced by one of four rings that would fire a powerful stream of elemental energy corresponded to it's color. All the four rings could be merged into one powerful ring by using it's alt-fire
- A few weapons/monsters from Realm 667

this is very interesting to me it could be anything the name is a mystery it could have came from wadhost fathax but it sounds like something that would be there if anyone knows thanks a ton!

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