So does anyone want to make an ACTUAL Alien Trilogy TC?

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So does anyone want to make an ACTUAL Alien Trilogy TC?

Postby Bennytehdoommeister » Thu Oct 14, 2021 8:18 am

So, I've decided to install the Alien Trilogy TC. And it stunk. All it was was the enemies and sprites from Alien Trilogy copy and pasted into Doom, and done horribly with lack of actual physics at that.
This makes me wonder: With the followup, Alien Resurrection, being more accessible in terms of controls and emulation, why HASN'T anyone done a proper Alien Trilogy TC? One that ports the entire original game to GZDoom, with the options for better controls? We now live in a decade where wonderful things are being done with the source port, from retail games like the upcoming Supplice to TC mods like Wolfenstein: Blade of Agony.

Since the game is in copyright limbo at the moment, why has no-one taken it upon themselves to unofficially port Alien Trilogy to ZDoom? Now is the perfect time, I feel.
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Re: So does anyone want to make an ACTUAL Alien Trilogy TC?

Postby jdredalert » Thu Oct 14, 2021 11:43 pm

That would require a lot more effort than it seems at first. You would need to find a way to rip the old xeno's sound effects, reorganize ALL the AT textures into something that actually makes sense (i am using the AT textures atm for something i'm working on, and they look like they were randomly copied and pasted into patches that sometimes makes close to no sense), establish the mission objectives system (i believe you know it already, but for those who don't, in AT you had to follow some crude objectives for each map and if you don't meet the minimum completion percentage of said objective, you should repeat the same level again once you finished it), find a way to either extract or manually recreate some of the environment props (such as pipes and the Queen's ovipositor) in a 3D modelling program, among other eventual challenges, like remaking the game's 30 levels and trying the best to emulate weapon and enemy behavior. Far from impossible, but unless there is a group dedicated solely to this task i believe most people would rather use that time and energy to create their own original stuff.
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