Making GZDOOM a roguelike

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Making GZDOOM a roguelike

Postby RedClairefield » Mon Sep 13, 2021 4:56 pm

Randomly generating levels, even entire games worth of levels, is not only possible but actually can produce some very interesting and worthwhile results with the use of Obsidian (, the successor to the successor of Oblige.

This has got me thinking, what other ways can we use things that already exist to make GZDOOM a roguelike? There are several problems that would need to be tackled in order to make this fun
    1. Trusting the level generator with ammo and health is not a great idea, so some way to get ammo and health from enemies would be almost required. Maybe even an infinite ammo pistol option.
    2. Some form of level-based player progression. RPG-like leveling, perks, weapon mods... some way to spice things up.
    3. A way to replace vanilla enemies placed by Obsidian in a way that can create unique situations without generating game-breaking and/or overly frustrating combinations of enemies
    4. A way to replace vanilla weapons placed by Obsidian without breaking the game or forcing the player to just use the vanilla shotgun for hours and hours on end. Procedurally generating weapons entirely, maybe?
    5. A satisfying "final level" or "final boss" to be the end-cap of runs. Doesn't have to be anything terribly exciting, but more compelling than just a slaughter gauntlet.

I've looked into things like Borderdoom and there are certainly ways to get close to something really good here, but it just doesn't feel like enough on its own.

I turn to this forum now asking for help. I need ideas. Preferably ideas other than "make a mod yourself."
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Re: Making GZDOOM a roguelike

Postby Caligari87 » Wed Sep 15, 2021 2:17 pm

I personally use Hideous Destructor + Ugly as Sin + Obsidian + DarkDoomZ as a sort of "hardcore tactical survival-horror roguelite". I even have experimented with starting the player on monster spawns for extra replay-ability on the same map (though obviously this breaks easily).

DRPG provide RPG-like leveling and persistent player stats across games, among many other RPG-like things as the name implies. I usually see it paired with DRLA for expanded weapon randomization/modding/upgrading.

There's also Corruption Cards, and Colorful Hell, for gameplay mutators and semi-random monsters. Universal Entropy is another along those lines.

AI Director and Demon Counterstrike provide on-the-fly mob spawns based on timing, player location, health, weaponry, etc.

Last I checked Obsidian can generate boss-type "Gotcha!" or arena levels and unique extra strong "boss" monsters if you enable the right modules (some may be experimental / unstable).

That's just off the top of my head. I know there's a lot mods more out there focused on providing "semi-universal" gameplay spice which can be mixed and matched, so I'm almost 100% sure that the combination of mods you want exists in some form or another, or at least brings it fairly close.

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