Wolfenstein TV VS Wolfendoom

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Wolfenstein TV VS Wolfendoom

Postby Cornelius Vanderbilt » Sun Jul 11, 2021 10:20 pm

Hello everyone, I'm in the middle of a frustrating situation where I want to play modded Wolfenstein so that I can finally experience it, but I'm having issues. I tried Wolfendoom and for the longest time, it has worked very well, but when I decided to try mods like Kriegsland or Wolfenstein X, a glitch always occurs on map09. Using either of the mods, the boss was replaced with some other tough enemy. Normally I'd get the key and exit, but when I defeated the boss, the key never appeared. I almost wanted to skip to the next map but I don't want to use cheats each time for these instances. So what can I do to fix this? I know Wolfendoom is kind of old but it seemed more approachable with mods, then in comes the TC

I've played about ten minutes of WTC and it felt alright, though I don't necessarily like the older voice clips of the enemy soldiers. I want to mod it but it seems less approachable and some things broke when trying to use mods.

Are there any other Wolfenstein maps available to play that won't break from mods? I still want to experience Wolfenstein but the original feels a bit too tedious for me, so I'm going in with mods. I'd greatly appreciate the help.

Mods used:
>Kreigsland music
>Wolfenstein X
Cornelius Vanderbilt
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Re: Wolfenstein TV VS Wolfendoom

Postby Ernest Coblingthatch » Mon Jul 12, 2021 6:30 pm

Okay, I looked more into what I'm dealing with and I'm in a worse place modding wise. Wolfendoom, despite being easier to mod than WTC, is has some game breaking bugs in the updated versions of it. Whenever I try to leave level 2, the key never spawns and is replaced with a random weapon. I tested this in the most "functional" version of Wolfendoom and I found that no matter what, the wall that's supposed to lift to reveal the key never opens. Also, for WTC, it's practically incapapble of modding as I can't get anything to work even with file tinkering. My only option now would be to get some programming help with Wolfendoom so that either the wall lifts to reveal the key or for Gzdoom to recognize that once a boss enemy has been defeated, the game will move to the next level. However, I have no idea how to program at all and I'd need some help. Please help a guy out, I want to play modded Wolfenstein and these mods I found seem pretty fun.
Ernest Coblingthatch

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