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Doom music simple app

Postby DimaLink » Sat Jun 05, 2021 10:10 am

I have some question. I am developing some music themed app.

1) I am doing some simple app. Which can run mods using GzDoom .
So, you choose main wad (Doom, Doom2,Plutonia, Tnt)
You add some files like mods and levels
You choose some music mod
you run it.

2) But my program is "music" themed. Because i like music.
So also it was in idea to add some music mods. To choose from.
This is my "feature", because i like music.

2.1) First, i was inspired by this Black, Death, & Thrash Metal 8-bit Music Randomizer :
And at first, idea of app was to have some flag to run game with this music randomize or not.
But, i was runned at some moment. This randomizer has piracy content. So i cannot include it into my app.
I like it, but i cannot use it)

2.2) So, can you recommend me good any music mods?
So, i give a user to choose from them.
This is music themed app. So it is a critical point. Please give some links for good music mods.
Metal, goth,atmospheric, any kind).

2.3) Can i integrate into my programm all content? Except original wads of course. I mean i can give user ability and links to download all the stuff and show programm path to it. In order to work. This is my current option.
But, can i integrate it into programm by downloading for myself and put into apps foder all stuf, like GzDoom, and some music wads?
So, only thing to add for user will be original games wads.

3) current description of app.
You can see it here -

Doom Extreme Metal - turn on metal!

App gives the ability to easy way of launching mods and levels for Doom (using GzDoom).

Main feature is using mod Black, Death, & Thrash Metal 8-bit Music Randomizer.
App in dev.
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