Most wanted Doom map

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Most wanted Doom map

Post by Telemassacre »

Hi all, so i recently came up with an idea about making a doom map that uses a poll to achieve the "most wanted status". This poll will allow you to answer with honesty, what you like/don't like in a doom map. After the end of May, i will start work on two maps: The most wanted doom map, and the least wanted doom map. When i'm done i will post them here >>> map in progress
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Re: Most wanted Doom map

Post by openroadracer »

Just sent my responses. Sounds like an interesting concept.

I will admit that I personally prefer keeping a bit of distance, hence why I seem to lean so heavy on the Chaingun and Rocket Launcher, while tending to only really use the Super Shotgun for Pinkies.

And of course, Plasma Gun for Bosses, because circle-strafing the Cyberdemon to death never gets old. However, I'm less enthusiastic about the Spider Mastermind and hitscanners in general. That said, I do believe that the Wolfenstein Nazis can have a place.

I also suggest having lots of secrets, some with various goodies, others with enemies, some with goodies guarded by enemies. The ones that have only enemies should ideally only be minor ambushes, but the ones with both enemies and goodies should have something strong guarding something powerful; think "Baron protecting a Soulsphere" type stuff.

I also want a map that gives you plenty of room to maneuver, lots of room to dodge incoming attacks, and is relatively non-linear in progression. I generally don't like puzzle-heavy maps, especially when they include timing-based puzzles; but exploration and rewarding exploration are certainly what I like.

I also want a generally fast-paced feel, with a thrash metal-sounding music track that makes you want to dive headfirst into the enemy. It should be fast, exciting, powerful, giving the whole map a sense of pace and energy that keeps you rolling as you run, dodge and shoot your way through the enemy.

As far as what enemies to use where, one thing I will suggest is treating Archviles more akin to boss-like encounters: place one in an area with a heavy bodyguard including a mix of enemies with multiple fodder mooks along with a few stronger targets; a large crowd of Pinkies and Imps, and/or Former Humans and/or Nazis, with a small handful of Cacos, Knights, Revs and/or Barons.

Maintain the common vanilla weapon progression, though I will suggest treating the Super Shotgun as a "power weapon" on the same tier as the Rocket Launcher; in fact, I'd suggest giving the SSG before the player finds the RL, due to the SSG requiring greater risks be taken to use it effectively.

And one last thing: PLEASE avoid any kind of platforming puzzles and/or razor-thin catwalks. I honestly really don't like them. MAP24, "The Chasm" is easily my least favorite vanilla DooM II map because of its focus on catwalks.
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Re: Most wanted Doom map

Post by Dewzanity »

I would also like to suggest having NO INSTANT DEATH TRAPS, unless the map is made to be unfair.

I'm absolutely positive that everyone would agree that the most fun, inspiring, and most ideal level would be to face off 1 million archviles with only regular fist and pistol with nowhere to hide with the worst possible texture choices with the most annoying soundtrack imaginable. jk, this can be the least wanted map, but I would also want something somewhat interesting for the least wanted map. Great idea for a small level set, look forward to the results!
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Re: Most wanted Doom map

Post by zdusr »

I generally like slaughter maps.

What I don't like is when I have to search for switch. For example, with Sunlust and Sunder I ended up looking from Doom Builder what was just opened/lowered from switch. If this happens more than 1 or 2 times I will just end up walking from start to end with no clip cheat and hope that next map is better. I also don't like if I have to search for switch. If door is there that I cant open and searching for switch takes more than 10 min then I just noclip through door. I don't mind if I have to fight monsters to reach the switch for long time or if reaching the switch requires keys. I am talking about situation where switch is freely accessible all the time but it is just so well hidden that I cant find it.

If you do have switch that opens some random small door 20000 map units away then make sure that 1) this door is in area that player has visited and 2) you show that door in camera for few seconds so that player would recognize the area and know how to get there.

Also you could consider marking important switches/elevators with light. Otherwise if you have dark gray wall and gray elevator and all sectors are equally darkish then players could keep running past the elevator without noticing. And if its required for proceeding then they are stuck in one area of map.

You could also ask testers their time and if it is over 3 times the time that it took you to finish the map then maybe increase the intensity of of lights that mark the switch. Or you could host a miltiplayer game and then just spectate others and see where they get stuck. Sometimes it can be obvious to you but not for others and they can search for like 30 min for switch that is within 300 map units from them. In general, if you are tempted to give them hints what to do then you probably should add lights/torches/cameras what ever helps.
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Re: Most wanted Doom map

Post by The BMFG »

I Would Definitely Like A Map With A Cool Cyberdemon Battle At The End

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