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Who's interested in recording some co-op UV max runs?

PostPosted: Thu May 06, 2021 3:21 pm
by MatrixCL
My idea is to play maps together that we know well and for which we have a clear strategy, and try and get 100% kills and secrets as fast as possible at ultra violence difficulty. We record them, and put the two (or more) replays side by side in one video and post that on YouTube as trophies. :D I know that speedrunning isn't really a thing for ZDoomers and I don't intend to grind the same maps over and over. For me it's mostly about being able to finish the whole map (or episode if we feel like it) in a decent time, with a thought-out plan and without too many screw-ups.

Sadly I haven't been able to find any friends IRL who are willing to take on that challenge. The only thing they're interested in is cautiously wandering around and save-spamming to reach the end.

But...long live the internet! Where like-minded people can find each other. :cheers: Then again, I might be alone on this world who'd fancy such an idea, but no harm in asking.

A while I actually committed three changes to GZDoom, which make max speedruns possible in co-op. One shows the finishing time in the tally screen, one shows all kills (and found items/secrets) instead of just your own while playing, and the third shows on the tally screen how many monsters died due to infighting, crushers, or otherwise. (Before that those were counted as "missed".) Would be nice to finally put them to practice. =:)

I'm open for any WAD, but my favourite is Valiant. I know those levels very well already and they're actually more challenging in multiplayer than single player due to the extra monsters. You really need to be smart to fully utilize the cooperation, especially with friendly fire on. (Me and my friends set that to 0.5)