Any Hexen mods to give me ridiculous weapons?

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Any Hexen mods to give me ridiculous weapons?

Postby Marscaleb » Sun Feb 21, 2021 8:33 pm

So this morning I woke up wanting to walk around the maps in Hexen, so I was playing it a bit. Now I turned the difficulty down a ton so there would be few monsters, but still, the monsters made walking around a slog, just because they take up so much time to kill. Either you got this pea-shooter that takes a dozen shots to drop just, or you gotta walk walk up close and melee their face in, and they still take a bit of time. And those are the easy guys at the start of the game, not even counting the bastards you fight later on.

And I just thought: you know what would be awesome? If I could play Hexen with the weapons from Doom, and just blast all these guys into tiny bits. Maybe even some of the ridiculous mods with crazy weapons, just for fun.
So I'm here to ask, are there any such mods available for Hexen?
I imagine I might be able to force a Doom weapon mod into Hexen, but results may vary. I'd like something that was designed to work with Hexen.
Because, confession time here, I've never actually beaten Hexen. I've never really gotten that far in the game. And these days, I don't think I can really afford the time to do so. And if I were to play a weapon mod for Hexen, I'd really like one that otherwise retains the rest of the Hexen experience without breaking the game, because honestly I might not know if something broke until I got stuck. Heck, I don't even know if GZDoom would play vanilla Hexen properly. (I've been playing Chocolate Hexen and Crispy Hexen.)
So rather than just trying something and hoping it works without bugs I don't notice, I thought I would ask the community for some suggestions. Can GZDoom run Hexen properly, and what are some good weapon mods I can use to de-combat the combat?
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Re: Any Hexen mods to give me ridiculous weapons?

Postby Arctangent » Sun Feb 21, 2021 10:43 pm

ZDoom was one of the first Doom ports to include Hexen support, actually, and outside of a handful of multiplayer ports, its descendants have all inherited it. In fact, for a pretty long time, the only real options for playing Hexen were ZDoom, Doomsday, and ... just vanilla.

As far as Hexen weapon mods go, I haven't actually played around with a lot of 'em, but I can tell you right now that any mod that just slaps Doom's weapons into Hexen is gonna end up being more of a slog. Hexen's arsenal does a lot of damage - as in "the fighter's third punch can one-shot a freshly-spawned player in deathmatch" amounts of damage. The monsters just have that much health, with the basic ettin being bulkier than a pinky.

So, yeah. The super shotgun is gonna accomplish a lot less blasting than you might be hoping for, especially since the full twenty pellets aren't always gonna be enough to down a centaur.
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Re: Any Hexen mods to give me ridiculous weapons?

Postby Marscaleb » Sun Feb 21, 2021 11:49 pm

I'm not exactly surprised, but all the more reason why I'm looking for a mod designed for Hexen,
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Re: Any Hexen mods to give me ridiculous weapons?

Postby neoworm » Mon Feb 22, 2021 1:28 am

There are a ton of mods that are Hexen compatible. That mod where you play as a dragon for example. Also there is Wrath of Cronos and Schism.
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Re: Any Hexen mods to give me ridiculous weapons?

Postby Lagi » Mon Feb 22, 2021 2:51 am


nothing better on the market.

i prefere slower pace of HexArcana
its also a little more faithful to Hexen than Walpurgis - hmm... i need to work now, not replay again old mods :D

if you like for whatever reason ("true autistci oldschool masochism") punching only with right jabs:

and reduce monsters Hp, or increase your damage to your liking.
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