Cola 3, Chex Quest, challenge?

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Cola 3, Chex Quest, challenge?

Postby Barnaby Bockleset » Mon Nov 02, 2020 9:13 pm

I downloaded a pretty nice mod called Cola 3, which is a gameplay conversion mod, built for doom engine games. It’s supposed to work on Heretic, Doom, Hexen, and even Chex Quest (no support for Strife yet). I was playing around with it in Chex Quest it seemed to fit the most with Chex Quest’s food theme. Unfortunately, I’ve run into a couple of problems. The game is too easy in some segments, even with the difficulty turned up, so I tried putting in other mods to make the game more challenging. I tried x10 monsters, Brutal Chex Quest, and even The Ultimate Chex Quest and so far, I’ve not been able to make it work. I’ve even tried tampering with the main code of the game (with my extremely limited programming skills) and I did not make more progress. I even contacted some of the mod creators to see if a patch could be created specifically for this mod, to not much progress either. I guess what I’m asking for is if anyone who is interested is willing to make a gameplay patch for Cola 3 to be implemented in the mods mentioned above (preferably TUCQ or Brutal Chex Quest). It might be a lot for so little, but I genuinely love this mod and how well it fits with Chex Quest, so to anyone interested, maybe they can make this dream come true? The author of Cola 3 would also love to get more people interested in his mod too, so maybe anyone reading can try out Cola 3 and leave a good review for the author? Thank you guys for reading so far.
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Re: Cola 3, Chex Quest, challenge?

Postby m8f » Tue Nov 03, 2020 10:28 am

There are more ways to make the game more difficult:
- Universal Gameplay Tweaker by Jekyll Grim Payne
- Ultimate Custom Doom
- LegenDoomLite by Yholl
- Champions by Mikk-

Also, what version of x10 monsters have you tried? This is supposed to work with Chex Quest too.
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Re: Cola 3, Chex Quest, challenge?

Postby wildweasel » Tue Nov 03, 2020 10:42 am

When we previously spoke via Twitter DMs (I'm assuming that was you), I mentioned a small tweak you may need to make to your copy of Cola 3. Since there's more space here to explain it, I'll go over it again here for sake of reference.

Normally, Cola 3 contains no monster replacements whatsoever, in the interest of being compatible with everything. The sole exception is Chex Quest 3, where I used (with permission) the Chex Quest enemies from Samsara, to get the exploding green ooze everywhere. These enemies may need to be disabled for external replacements to work correctly. To do this, open up ww-cola3-v2.5.pk3 in your program of choice (I will be using SLADE, you can use any ZIP program for it).

The Chex monster replacements are handled by a single file in the filter folder - navigate to /filter/chex/. Now, while there is a file called samsarachexenemies.chex, you do not want this one - instead, open decorate.chex as a text file. It'll look like this:

Comment out line number 1 with a // at the front of that line. It should look like this:
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// #include "samsarachexenemies.chex"

Make sure to save it to a separate file, or make a backup before you save. This completely disables the modified monsters and enables them to be replaced using any other Chex mod.

[edit] For purposes of closure, this user reached out to me via Twitter and reported that these instructions worked.
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