Information of the GADoom source port

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Information of the GADoom source port

Postby Redneckerz » Sun Dec 22, 2019 11:33 am

After approaching both Enjay and Gez regarding information for this, i now turn to the public for the following:

You may or may not have been aware of my little documentation project i have been working on - and to good results. You can find that here.

This research thread is in regards to a port mostly known to ZDoom - GADoom. It was in development during November-December 2003 as a ZDoom source port. Its developer, GameArena (Sadly last login over a year ago) was experimenting with sprite based particles and more.

Ive managed to find 3 threads related to this and 5 posts, based on various versions:
version release post, seems to be the latest version
version release post
version release thread
version release thread
Original version release thread, i assume version

They all link to an URL that does not have archived (Sadly).
By April 2004, GameArena seemed to have stopped his work, so it was a shortlived port. No source, as it seems either. However, it is an important port to archive, because it was a clear distinguishment of ZDoom back then. As such, its historically significant and relevant.

My question:
Is there any member of the community that by sheer luck has any zip or archive or source code in possession related to GADoom?

In all due advance,

I realize that this is a rather off-chance possibility that anyone still may have these. If the resources can be considered lost, then i can always make an entry without these archives. Consider this request more one of providing completeness of the story than a standalone request.
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