How to splitscreen/couch coop?

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Re: How to splitscreen/couch coop?

Postby Daniel » Thu Oct 03, 2019 10:53 am

I was veery long hoping that some day ZDoom/GZDoom would finally have splitscreen support - something like 15 years ago... thanks a lot for the people that allowed this to be possible!

After some tests, I finally made it work with player 1 in keyboard and player 2 in a XBOX controller. But I couldn't make it run with two XBOX controllers, since GZDoom is (still) not compatible with multiple controller support. I've tried to use Joy2Key and separate INI files for each instance, but it didn't work for two reasons: a) the keyboard is only detectable by the window in focus, so the controller bindings via Joy2Key don't work in both instances; and b) the controllers are always detected by both GZDoom instances - and also the buttons. Actually, we can remove each controller sensitivity, but not the working buttons for each controller.

If we could select the controllers to be used in GZDoom (avoiding it to use ALL at once), this problem would be solved quickly, since we could make two separate INI files, each one using a different XBOX controller.

Follows a screenshot of GZDoom(s) running perfectly!
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Re: How to splitscreen/couch coop?

Postby drfrag » Thu Oct 03, 2019 6:17 pm

So XInput joysticks already worked in the background... I added support for 4 DInput controllers in LZDoom (will be in the next release) and XInput controllers are compatible with DInput. For it to work you need to configure the axes for each instance (set all to none for players not using that joystick). Previously the buttons were the same for all joysticks (same events).
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